Lightlike Braneworlds in Anti-de Sitter Bulk Space-times Academic Article uri icon


  • We consider five-dimensional Einstein–Maxwell–Kalb–Ramond system self-consistently coupled to a lightlike 3-brane, where the latter acts as material, charge and variable cosmological constant source. We find wormhole-like solutions whose total space-time manifold consists of either (a) two “universes”, which are identical copies of the exterior space-time region (beyond the horizon) of five-dimensional Schwarzschild–anti-de Sitter black hole, or (b) a “right” “universe” comprising the exterior space-time region of Reissner–Nordstrom–anti-de Sitter black hole and a “left” “universe” being the Rindler “wedge” of five-dimensional flat Minkowski space. The wormhole “throat” connecting these “universes”, which is located on their common horizons, is self-consistently occupied by the lightlike 3-brane as a direct result of its dynamics given by an explicit reparametrization-invariant world-volume Lagrangian action. The intrinsic world-volume metric on the 3-brane turns out to be flat, which allows its interpretation as a lightlike braneworld.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013