Treating speciation processes as complex traits [3] Academic Article uri icon


  • The authors wrote:“… we could be surprised in the future as more barriers are mapped and prove to involve mechanisms such as meiotic drive or genomic conflict to a greater extent than is currently appreciated”(page 858). One argument that stems from this statement is that there are many pathways that can result in speciation events, of which only a subset is fully appreciated so far. In an attempt to investigate the genetic basis of speciation, one can treat speciation events in a similar way to complex traits: as in other complex traits, speciation involves both genetic and environmental factors and it is hard to tell whether some factors have more weight than others. However, unlike in the case of many complex traits, there might be a hierarchy among the factors involved in speciation events owing to the basic requirements of the process; that is, factors involved in the formation of reproductive …

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  • January 1, 2007