Lithium-induced tremor treated with vitamin B6: a preliminary case series Academic Article uri icon


  • Objective:The occurrence of tremor in patients receiving lithium is well known, but the management of this side effect is a significant problem both for patients and physicians. Although some reports have suggested that beta-blockers may be useful in treating lithium-induced tremor (LT), these agents have different side effects which limit the possibility of their use. Vitamin B6 has been reported to be effective in treatment of patients suffering from different kinds of neuroleptic-induced movement disorders including parkinsonism and tardive dyskinesia.Methods:This report presents the results of a preliminary four-week open-label clinical trial of five patients who suffered from LT and who were treated with vitamin B6 (900–1200mg/d). The severity of tremor was assessed using the tremor subscale from the Simpson-Angus Scale (SAS) and Subjective Clinical Improvement Impression scale (SCII).Results:After the addition of vitamin B6 to their treatment, according to the SAS scores four patients showed an impr...

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  • January 1, 2002