Efficient Joint Network-Source Coding for Multiple Terminals with Side Information Academic Article uri icon


  • Consider the problem of source coding in networks with multiple receiving terminals, each having access to some kind of side information. In this case, standard coding techniques are either prohibitively complex to decode, or require network-source coding separation, resulting in sub-optimal transmission rates. To alleviate this problem, we offer a joint network- source coding scheme based on matrix sparsification at the code design phase, which allows the terminals to use an efficient decoding procedure (syndrome decoding using LDPC), despite the network coding throughout the network. Via a novel relation between matrix sparsification and rate-distortion theory, we give lower and upper bounds on the best achievable sparsification performance. These bounds allow us to analyze our scheme, and, in particular, show that in the limit where all receivers have comparable side information …

publication date

  • November 24, 2011