Synthetic spatial coherence function for optical tomography and profilometry: Simultaneous realization of longitudinal coherence scan and phase shift Academic Article uri icon


  • A new scheme for synthesizing three-dimensional longitudinal spatial coherence function is proposed. By manipulating the irradiance of an extended quasi-monochromatic spatially incoherent source with a spatial light modulator, we generated a special optical field that exhibits high coherence selectively for the specified location along the optical axis of propagation and for the specified inclination between the two mirrors in the interferometer. The feasibility of the proposed principle is demonstrated by measuring a step height made by standard gauge blocks. The proposed scheme permits one to perform phase shift without recourse to mechanical movement. The quantitative experimental proof of the principle is presented. Keywords: interferometry, profilometry, optical tomography, spatial coherence, spatial light modulator, the fringes of equal thickness, coherence theory, optical metrology, and phase shift technique.

publication date

  • January 1, 2002