Magnetic helicity and solar activity cycle: observations and dynamo theory Academic Article uri icon


  • We study a simple model for the solar dynamo in the framework of the Parker dynamo, with a nonlinear dynamo saturation mechanism based on magnetic helicity conservation arguments. We find a parameter range in which the model demonstrates a cyclic behaviour with properties similar to that of Parker dynamo with the simplest form of algebraic $\alpha$-quenching. We compare the nonlinear current helicity evolution in this model with data for the current helicity evolution obtained during 10 years of observations at the Huairou Solar Station of China. We conclude that, in spite of the very preliminary state of the observations and the crude nature of the model, the idea of using observational data to constrain our ideas concerning magnetic field generation in the framework of the solar dynamo appears promising.To search for other articles by the author(s) go to:

publication date

  • June 1, 2004