The structure of the ternary aluminide ThFe2Al10 Academic Article uri icon


  • A new ternary aluminide containing actinide, ThFe 2 Al 10, was observed in the Al–8 at.% Th– 16 at.% Fe alloy. Microstructural study has shown that grains of the ThFe 2 Al 10 compound contain numerous twins that are characterized by (021) twin plane and [0 1¯ 2] twinning direction. The ThFe 2 Al 10 phase adopts an YbFe 2 Al 10-type orthorhombic structure with space group symmetry Cmcm and the unit cell dimensions a= 8.9806 Å, b= 10.2520 Å, c= 9.0882 Å.

publication date

  • January 1, 2005