Heterogenization of Rh-MeDuPHOS by occlusion in polyvinyl alcohol films Academic Article uri icon


  • The Rh-MeDuPHOS complex (Fig. 1) has been found to be a very active and a most efficient enantioselective complex in the homogeneous asymmetric reduction of enamides to chiral amino acid derivatives. 8,9 In our ongoing study of the heterogenization of homogeneous chiral catalysts, we recently demonstrated that occluded Rh-MeDuPHOS in PDMS films could be used in the asymmetric hydrogenation of methyl 2-acetamidoacrylate in aqueous medium. In this case, the metal complex could be recycled without leaching. 10 The enantioselectivity was found to be comparable to that of the analogous homogeneous system … We report herein on a new chiral heterogeneous catalytic system obtained by occlusion of Rh-MeDuPHOS in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film as a representative hydrophilic film. The performance of the new heterogeneous system was compared with that of Rh-MeDuPHOS occluded in a hydrophobic PDMS film …

publication date

  • January 1, 2002