The granular origin of the relation between slope and sediment flux in soil mantled hillslopes Conference Paper uri icon


  • Hillslopes occupy most of the Earth's surface area, and are the main source of sediments to the fluvial routing system. Since the slope of soil mantled hillslopes normally lies below the angle of repose, it has been suggested that sediment mobilization across and from hillslopes is facilitated by climatic, biologic, and tectonic environmental disturbances. Previous empirical studies have shown that sediment flux out of hillslopes depends non- linearly on the slope. However, the functional dependency between the slope and the flux that aspires to span a range of processes from slow creep to rapid landsliding generally lacks a mechanistic explanation. The absence of a physical understanding of the slope-flux relation hinders our ability to assess hillslope evolution in different settings and evaluate the effect of changing environmental conditions on the flux. Due to the particulate nature of …

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  • January 1, 2017