Cycle ergometry estimation of physical fitness among Israeli soldiers. Academic Article uri icon


  • We evaluated the level of fitness among a large population-based sample of Israeli men and women ages 18-25 years, within the framework of an ongoing survey of personnel discharged from military service in the Israel Defense Force. Aerobic capacity was predicted with the Astrand-Rhyming 6-minute cycle ergometer test and maximal oxygen uptake (VO 2 m a x ) was estimated using the Astrand-Rhyming nomogram based on cardiac response to 6 minutes of constant submaximal cycle work. Mean ′ SD VO 2 m a x values were 41.05 ′ 10.52 mL/kg/min for men (range, 15-81 mL/kg/min) and 33.84 ′ 7.60 mL/kg/min for women (range, 16-65 mL/kg/min). Smoking was found to be associated with lower VO 2 m a x among both men and women, whereas type of military service unit was unexpectedly not associated with physical fitness level.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004