Recent Results on Three Problems in Comparative Structural RNAomics Conference Paper uri icon


  • We review our recent results on three problems in Comparative Structural RNAomics. Our contribution includes:(1) a new worst-case bound for Discrete RNA Folding,(2) Unordered Unrooted Comparisons of RNA Trees, and (3) an RNA Homology Search where the query is an RNA sequence and the output consists of Sequence-Structure homology hits allowing pseudoknots and alternative stems. A common denominator of these three works is that they demonstrate research problems tackled within current structural RNAomics, whose solution extends to more general classical problems in Computer Science, yielding respectively:(1) a new theoretical bound for Discrete Min-Plus Matrix Multiplication,(2) a new theoretical bound for All-Pairs Cavity Bipartite Matching, and (3) new admissible heuristics to speed up Max Weighted Clique. Source code and web-interface for the tools can be found in our …

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  • January 1, 2014