Ecology of the Negev Desert: A Critical Review of our Knowledge Ecology of the Negev Desert: A Critical Review of our Knowledge, 1981 Academic Article uri icon


  • Seeds in the seed bank experience diurnal cycles of imbibition followed by complete dehydration. These conditions pose a challenge to the regulation of germination. The effect of recurring hydration–dehydration (Hy–Dh) cycles were tested on seeds from four Arabidopsis thaliana accessions [Col-0, Cvi, C24 and L er]. Diurnal Hy–Dh cycles had a detrimental effect on the germination rate and on the final percentage of germination in Col- 0, Cvi and C24 ecotypes, but not in the L er ecotype, which showed improved vigor following the treatments. Membrane permeability measured by ion conductivity was generally increased following each Hy–Dh cycle and was correlated with changes in the redox status represented by the GSSG/GSH (oxidized/reduced glutathione) ratio. Among the ecotypes, Col-0 seeds displayed the highest membrane permeability, whilst L er was characterized …

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  • January 1, 2012