Equilibrium modulus of model poly (dimethylsiloxane) networks Academic Article uri icon


  • Small-strain, equilibrium modulus data from 12 different studies on poly (dimethylsi1oxane) networks are reviewed. For each network enough structural information is available to permit reasonably accurate calculations of the important network parameters: concentration of elastically active strands and junctions and the trapping factor. These are used to compare all the results. The agreement between the various workers is remarkably good. The results support the theoretical concept that topological interactions between PDMS chains contribute directly to the modulus but not greatly to suppression of junction fluctuation. Recently a number of studies have been done on model rubber networks.'-'9 The goal of these studies has been to test quantitatively the molecular structure basis of the theory of rubber elasticity. In making these networks, each of the investigators endeavored to …

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  • January 1, 1981