Interactive Audience Selection tool for distributing a mobile campaign Academic Article uri icon


  • An intelligent model for campaign management was developed as a collaborative research effort between Deutsche Telekom and Ben-Gurion University. The model segments and filters potential customers for solicitation according to a novel algorithm. However, a mathematical model, however cleverly designed, doesn't encompass the human knowledge, experience and specific requests of an expert campaign manager. Therefore campaign managers might be reluctant to use the model as it stands. The 'Interactive Audience Selection' solution proposed here attempts to bridge the gap between the campaign managers and the intelligent model by steering to combine and benefit from both the expert knowledge of the managers as well as the model's mathematical capabilities. The suggested information system tool enables the campaign manager to view the models' choice of potential customers for solicitation, understand it and improve it for the next audience sample. We propose that the transparency of the models' logic and the control the user has over the model's output will lead to the successful execution of a profitable campaign, without neglecting customer value.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010