Phase-shifted Discontinuous Pulse-Width Modulation Methods for Multi-level Inverters Operated in Over-modulation Range Academic Article uri icon


  • AbstractThis article presents combinations of the generic phase-shifted pulse-width modulation method with conventional discontinuous pulse-width modulation methods operated in the over-modulation range. The treated discontinuous methods are the third harmonic injection, Depenbrock's DPWM1, and Ogasawara's DPWM2. The significant advantage of the present approach over the conventional phase disposition pulse-width modulation method is the equal power flow between the H-bridges and the improved distribution of the switching operations number between them. Furthermore, they provide improved linearity in the over-modulation range. The proposed pulse-width modulation methods are analyzed by extensive simulation results. Several aspects, such as the total harmonic distortion factor of the inverter output currents and voltages, harmonic content, frequency spectrum distribution, and switchings number, are studied.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014