THE NEGEV SOLAR RADIATION SURVEY-TMY v. 4 Academic Article uri icon


  • This report summarizes the first 14 years of data (1989-2002) that have been processed from the Negev Radiation Survey. It accompanies a CD-ROM containing Typical Meteorological Year files (TMY v. 4) based on the direct beam component, and the archived hourly data upon which they are based. The average annual direct beam total for all the stations is 2196 kWh m-2 year-1. For purposes of simulating the performance of solar- concentrator power plants the nine stations fall naturally into two groups: those having direct beam totals up to 14% higher than the mean (Mitzpe Ramon, Sede Boqer, Eilat, Arad, Yotvata) and those having annual direct beam totals up to 11% lower than the mean (Beersheba, Sedom, Hatzeva, Besor Farm,). Mitzpe Ramon is the highest and Besor Farm the lowest, on average. Annual fluctuations in direct beam radiation may, however, be …

publication date

  • January 1, 2004