Violence en route: Eritrean women asylum-seekers experiences of sexual violence while migrating to Israel Academic Article uri icon


  • AbstractMigrating irregularly, without access to support, may increase female asylum-seekers’ vulnerability to sexual violence. In this study, the authors applied a public health lens to explore the risk for sexual violence experienced by female asylum-seekers en route from Eritrea to Israel. The study team conducted 13 in-depth interviews and 8 focus groups with Eritreans in Israel between April and September of 2013. Participants in the study described their experiences occurring in three segments. The combination of irregular movement through dangerous, difficult and often isolated terrain, dependence on human smugglers, and vulnerability to traffickers led to the systematization and normalization of sexual violence en route. Such factors heighten vulnerability to sexual violence among these Eritrean women asylum-seekers, as well as others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

publication date

  • January 1, 2019