Spark plasma sintering of ductile ceramic particles: Study of LiF Academic Article uri icon


  • Densification of cuboidal micrometer-sized lithium fluoride particles as ductile ceramic by spark plasma sintering (SPS) was investigated. Specimens were fabricated at different pressures and temperature conditions, ranging from 2 to 100 MPa at 500 °C and from 200 to 700 °C under 100 MPa of applied pressure, respectively. Dense specimens of 99 % relative density were fabricated by heating to 500 °C under constant pressure of 100 MPa. The densification showed first compaction by particle rearrangement, followed by plastic deformation via dislocation glide. Hot-pressing models were used to describe the densification by considering the temperature dependences of the yield stress, the strain hardening behavior and coefficients, and the pore size and shape dependences on the applied stress. A good agreement was found between the experimental and the theoretical densification curves. At low pressure of 2 MPa, the densification occurs by particle sliding, assisted by viscous flow at their surfaces, and local plastic deformation at the particle contacts, due to the intensified local stress. Finally, the micrometer-sized structural features and the contiguity achieved by plastic deformation at the start of spark plasma sintering (SPS) nullify any field effects in this model system at higher pressures; good agreement was obtained with expected conventional hot pressing.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014