Class I MHC antigens of different subregions induce different IgG subclasses. Academic Article uri icon


  • In the course of investigating sex-associated differences in the humoral anti-H-2 immune responses directed against F1 fetal tissues, we demonstrated a preferential production of IgG1 and lgG2 alloantibodies directed at major histocompatibility complex (MHC)'alloantigens by the parental female mice, in sharp contrast to the parental males, which produced mainly lgG2 alloantibodies (1 1. To further investigate the differential immune recognition of MHC alloantigens expressed on fetal tissues by females and males, we conducted experiments aimed at defining the H-2 subregion-encoded alloantigen specificity of IgG1 and lgG2 alloantibodies elicited in female parental animals in response to fetal bone grafts. For that purpose, a large quantity of antiserum was raised in C3H. eb (H-2 ') females against fetal bones of (C3H. eb x C57BL/6J) F1 (H-2k'b) origin (anti-H-2b …

publication date

  • January 1, 1983