Characteristic absorbance of nucleic acids in the Mid-IR region as possible common biomarkers for diagnosis of malignancy Academic Article uri icon


  • FTIR spectroscopy has been extensively used to understand the differences between normal and malignant cells and tissues. In the present study, FTIR microspectroscopy was performed on biopsies to evaluate parameters deduced from changes in nucleic acid absorbance monitored at various characteristic wavenumbers in the Mid-IR region. The data showed that there were differences in the spectra of normal and malignant tissues from several organs such as colon, cervix, skin and blood with respect to absorbance due to nucleic acids. Similar results were observed in the case of cell lines that were transformed to induce carcinogenesis. Of the several ratios examined for consistency in differentiating cancer and normal tissues, the I(996 cm−1)/I(966 cm−1) showed promise as a distinguishing parameter and was comparable to the I(1121 cm−1)/I(1020 cm−1) ratio reported in many earlier studies. The absorbance of nucleic acids is presented with an emphasis on the application of FTIR microspectroscopy for diagnosis of ma...

publication date

  • January 1, 2004