Search for heavy charged particles and for particles with anomalous charge in e+e- collisions at LEP Academic Article uri icon


  • Using the OPAL data accumulated in 1991–1993 amounting to 74 pb−1 of integrated luminosity, corresponding to 1.64×106 selected multi-hadronic events, a search has been performed for charged particles with unusual mass or unusual charge. The mass was determined from a combination of momentum and ionization energy loss measurements. No isolation criteria were applied to the tracks examined, so that both isolated particles and particles produced in jets were valid candidates. For particles with chargeQ/e=−1, one candidate with a mass of approximately 4.2 GeV/c2 was found, which is compatible with the background rate expected according to a Monte Carlo simulation. The implications of this search for the mass limits of a conjectured stable or quasi-stable charged gluino composite\((\tilde gq\bar q')^ \pm \) are discussed. Limits are also presented for the production of fractionally-charged particles withQ/e=±2/3 and ±4/3 as well as for particles withQ/e=±2.


publication date

  • January 1, 1995