Scribble Based Interactive Page Layout Segmentation Using Gabor Filter Conference Paper uri icon


  • This paper presents an interactive approach for fast and accurate page layout segmentation. It is a scribble-based interactive segmentation approach, where the user draws scribbles on the various regions and the system performs page layout segmentation. The user can correct and refine the resulting segmentation by drawing new scribbles. To classify the various regions of the page, we apply a bank of Gabor filters, in several orientations and multiple frequencies, to capture the orientation, the stroke width, and size of the text. These properties also implicitly encode the writing style of the document. After combining the responses of the Gabor filter into a feature matrix, we classify various regions of the document by applying graph cuts, while taking into account the user made scribbles. The presented approach is very fast, easy to use, robust to user interaction, and provides …

publication date

  • October 23, 2016