Two-dimensional model for simulating shock-wave interaction with rigid porous materials Academic Article uri icon


  • THE re ection phenomenon of shock waves over different geometries and the interaction phenomenon of shock or compression waves with porous media are two phenomena that have gained much attention in the past two decades because of their application to many engineering fi elds. Although the re ection phenomenon and the head-on interaction of shock waves with porous media have reached a state where, from an engineering point of view, they are quite well understood and as such summarized in a few reviews and books, 1; 2 the re ection phenomenon over different porous bodies is still under intensive investigation by many researchersbecause it is still far from being understood. Many models were developed in order to reach such an understanding. 3 ก 8 The investigationson the interactionsof shock waves with porous media were conducted with two types of porous …

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  • January 1, 2003