Sparse Recovery of Hyperspectral Signal from Natural RGB Images Academic Article uri icon


  • Hyperspectral imaging is an important visual modality with growing interest and range of applications. The latter, however, is hindered by the fact that existing devices are limited in either spatial, spectral, and/or temporal resolution, while yet being both complicated and expensive. We present a low cost and fast method to recover high quality hyperspectral images directly from RGB. Our approach first leverages hyperspectral prior in order to create a sparse dictionary of hyperspectral signatures and their corresponding RGB projections. Describing novel RGB images via the latter then facilitates reconstruction of the hyperspectral image via the former. A novel, larger-than-ever database of hyperspectral images serves as a hyperspectral prior. This database further allows for evaluation of our methodology at an unprecedented scale, and is provided for the benefit of the research community. Our approach is fast, accurate, and provides high resolution hyperspectral cubes despite using RGB-only input.

publication date

  • January 1, 2016