Digital health nation: Israel's global big data innovation hub Academic Article uri icon


  • Traditional care models are unlikely to sustain the escalating growth in patient needs and health-care costs in high-income economies. Digital medicine innovation holds promise to help reduce inefficiencies in health-care delivery, improve access, increase quality, and make medicine more personalised and precise in an era of increasing budget constraints. 1, 2 With increasing global investments in digital health3 there is much anticipation to see whether these promises will be realised. With its many start-up enterprises Israel encourages digital innovation and this culture will help tackle some of the key challenges facing the country's health systems, as Rafael Beyar and colleagues4 highlight in their Viewpoint for the Lancet Series on health in Israel. There has been strong growth in the number of new digital health companies established in recent years, with 385 locally …

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  • June 24, 2017