New complex intermetallic in the Al-Rh-Ru alloy system Academic Article uri icon


  • ► New intermetallic Al 77 Rh 15 Ru 8 phase was found in the Al–Rh–Ru system. ► The new phase has an orthorhombic cell with a = 2.34, b = 1.62 and c = 2.00 nm. ► Its crystal symmetry can be described by the Pbma (no. 57) space group. ► The [0 1 0] ED pattern taken from the new phase exhibits pseudo-10fold symmetry. ► Structural relation of the Al 77 Rh 15 Ru 8 phase to the ɛ-phases is discussed … In the present work we report on the revelation of a new Al–Rh–Ru structure, which is related to the ɛ l -phases but exhibits a τ-times larger basic structural element … Samples were produced by mixing Al–Rh and Al–Ru alloys used to determine the corresponding binary phase diagrams published in Refs. [2,3]. The ternary sample alloys were melted under an Ar atmosphere in an inductive furnace equipped with a water-cooled copper crucible, thermally annealed under an Ar atmosphere at 1100 °C for up to 144 h and …

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  • January 1, 2011