Diffusion of Gold into InAs Nanocrystals Academic Article uri icon


  • Multicomponent nanoparticles are at the forefront of research into nanomaterials.[1–5] The combination of a metal and a semiconductor in the same nanoparticle is of particular interest as the metal can provide an anchor point for electrical and chemical connections to the functional semiconductor part. This possibility was demonstrated recently by the growth of gold tips on the apexes of CdSe nanorods to form nanodumbbells,[6] where at a high Au-to- rod concentration a transition from two-to one-sided growth occurs.[7] Au was also recently grown on lead chalcogenide nanoparticles, leading to segregated portions of the metal and semiconductor.[8] Au has been found to undergo surface diffusion between neighboring wires at moderate temperatures on Si nanowires grown by a vapor–liquid–solid method with Au as catalyst.[9, 10] Herein we

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  • January 1, 2006