Light manipulation by use of inhomogeneous anisotropic subwavelength structures Conference Paper uri icon


  • The Pancharatnam-Berry phase is a geometric phase associated with the polarization of light. We present novel optical phase elements based on the space-domain Pancharatnam- Berry phase. Such elements can be realized using inhomogeneous anisotropic micro and nanostructures, where the geometric phase is induced by spin-to orbital angular momentum transfer. The elements are polarization dependent, thereby enabling multipurpose optical elements. Vectorial vortices, and vectorial vortex mode transformation for a hollow waveguide are demonstrated. Manipulating of thermal radiation by use of anisotropic micro and nanostructures is also investigated. We demonstrate an extraordinary coherent thermal radiation from coupled resonant cavities; each of them supports standing wave surface polaritons.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008