Vibration monitoring as a predictive maintenance tool for reciprocating engines Academic Article uri icon


  • The vibration signature of a four-stroke, four-cylinder carburetted spark ignition engine has been analysed. The significance and contribution of the signature components with respect to the overall information about the engine health have been explored. The engine block vibrations were recorded at four different locations, two in the vicinity of the rear crankshaft bearing and two at opposing sides of the engine block. The vibrations were measured along the three principal axes. It was found that the engine block side is the most sensitive location for collecting data and the direction transverse to the pistons' movement plane is the most informative one. For the sake of simplicity in possible practical applications in the future the tests were conducted under idle conditions. The measured vibration waveform has been synchronized with the crankshaft position by using the primary coil signal and then …

publication date

  • January 1, 2000