Constitutive parameter extraction of artificial materials based on metamaterial technology using scattering coefficients measured at oblique incidence Conference Paper uri icon


  • In this work, a method based on the scattering coefficients data collected from an oblique plane wave incident upon a slab made of an artificial material is examined. The proposed method enables to solve the ambiguity of the effective constitutive parameters without the need to construct and measure any additional reference slabs. The presented method can be practiced using both laboratory equipment and numerical simulation tools. An instructive numerical example, as well as practical artificial material examples will be presented. As in the Sparameters method, the artificial materials' effective constitutive parameters are extracted ambiguously using the derived set of equations. The ambiguity of the extracted constitutive parameters is solved using additional measurement of the same artificial material slab, but at an oblique incidence. Moreover, the artificial material slab's effective …

publication date

  • July 7, 2013