Phylogenetics and reticulate evolution in Pistacia (Anacardiaceae) Academic Article uri icon


  • The systematic position and intrageneric relationships of the economically important Pistacia species (Anacardiaceae) are controversial. The phylogeny of Pistacia was assessed using five data sets: sequences of nuclear ribosomal ITS, the third intron of the nuclear nitrate reductase gene (NIA-i3), and the plastid ndhF, trnL-F and trnC-trnD. Significant discordance was detected among ITS, NIA-i3, and the combined plastid DNA data sets. ITS, NIA-i3, and the combined plastid data sets were analyzed separately using Bayesian and parsimony methods. Both the ITS and the NIA-i3 data sets resolved the relationships among Pistacia species well; however, these two data sets had significant discordance. The ITS phylogeny best reflects the evolutionary relationships among Pistacia species. Lineage sorting of the NIA-i3 alleles may explain the conflicts between the NIA-i3 and the ITS data sets. The …

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  • February 1, 2008