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  • Preface.- Part 1 - Powder Diffraction.- Powder Diffraction: By Decades W.I.F. David.- Rietveld Refinement P. W.Stephens.- Structure Solution - an Overview L. B. McCusker, Ch. Baerlocher.- Inorganic Materials R. Cerny.- Organic Compounds K. Shankland.- Laboratory X-ray Diffraction P. Whitfield.- Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction F. Gozzo.- Ultra Fast Powder Diffraction A. Fitch, C. Curfs.- Taking it to Extremes - Powder Diffraction at Elevated Pressures D. I. A. Millar, C. R. Pulham.-Structure Solution by Charge Flipping L. Palatinus.- Structure Solution: Global Optimisation Methods K. Shankland.- Proteins and Powders: Technical Developments J. P. Wright.- Proteins and Powders: An Overview I. Margiolaki.- Parametric Powder Diffraction W.I.F. David.- Powder Diffraction + Computational Methods L. Smrcok.- Information on Imperfections M. Leoni.- Pair Distribution Function Technique: Principles and Methods S. J. L. Billinge.- Debye Analysis Y. G. Andreev.- Quantitative Phase Analysis I. C. Madsen et al.- Quantifying amorphous phases A. Kern et al.- Quantitative phase analysis: method developments L. Lutterotti.- Texture - an Overview R.B. Von Dreele.- The future of powder diffraction is 2-D R. Dinnebier.- Part 2 - Electron crystallography.- Electron Crystallography - New methods to explore Structure and Properties of the Nano World U. Kolb.- Image formation in the Electron Microscope L.Meshi.- Models for Precession Electron Diffraction L. D. Marks.- Structure Solution using HRTEM S. Hovmoller.- Combination of X-ray Powder Diffraction, Electron Diffraction and HRTEM data Ch. Baerlocher, L. B. McCusker.- Automated Electron Diffraction Tomography U. Kolb.- Automated Quantitative 3D Electron Diffraction Rotation Tomography P. Oleynikov.- Introduction to ADT/ADT3D T. E. Gorelik et al.- Electrostatic Potential determined from Electron Diffraction Data A. Avilov.- Domino Phase Retrieval Algorithm for Structure Solution F. N. Chukhovskii.- LARBED: Exploring the 4th dimension in Electron Diffraction Ch. T. Koch.- Shadow Imaging for Charge Distribution Analysis Y. Zhu.- Electron Diffraction of Protein 3D Nanocrystals J. P. Abrahams et al.- Parallel-beam Diffraction and Direct Imaging in an aberration-corrected STEM O. L. Krivanek.-Electron diffraction of commensurately and incommensurately modulated Materials J. Hadermann, A. M. Abakumov.- Detection of Magnetic Circular Dichroism using TEM and EELS S. Rubino et al.- Index.-

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  • January 1, 2012