Framework-Topology-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Zirconium-Based (Porphinato) zinc (II) MOFs Academic Article uri icon


  • Catalytic activity for acyl transfer from N-acetylimidazole (NAI) to different pyridylcarbinol (PC) regioisomers (2-PC, 3-PC, and 4-PC) is demonstrated for a set of topologically diverse, zirconium-based (porphinato)zinc metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). The MOFs studied are PCN-222, MOF-525, and NU-902, which are based on the csq, ftw, and scu topologies, respectively. The experimentally obtained reaction kinetics are discussed in light of molecular modeling results. The catalytic activity is shown to vary across the series of MOFs due to the different extent to which each topology facilitates reactant preconcentration and alignment of PC and NAI via coordination to framework porphyrin sites (orientation effects). Trends of experimental initial reaction rates with MOF topology and PC regioisomer are consistent with preconcentration effects, which depend on the number of porphyrin sites per volume of MOF, as well as with orientation effects, which depend on the number of porphyrin pairs per volume of MOF t...

publication date

  • January 1, 2016