Phases of information release during black hole evaporation Academic Article uri icon


  • A bstract In a recent article, we have shown how quantum fluctuations of the background geometry modify Hawking's density matrix for black hole (BH) radiation. Hawking's diagonal matrix picks up small off-diagonal elements whose influence becomes larger with the number of emitted particles. We have calculated the “time-of-first-bit”, when the first bit of information comes out of the BH, and the “transparency time”, when the rate of information release becomes order unity. We have found that the transparency time is equal to the “Page time”, when the BH has lost half of its initial entropy to the radiation, in agreement with Page's results. Here, we improve our previous calculation by keeping track of the time of emission of the Hawking particles and their back-reaction on the BH. Our analysis reveals a new time scale, the radiation “coherence time”, which is equal to the geometric mean of …

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  • February 1, 2014