Molecular dynamics of methylamine following C-H and N-H vibrational excitation and promotion to the (A)over-tilde state Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract The molecular dynamics of methylamine, CH 3 NH 2, was investigated via vibrationally mediated photodissociation. It was found that the∼ 243.1 nm photolysis of initially excited N–H and C–H fundamental stretches and combinations and overtones of methyl deformation yields H photofragments. Surprisingly, the deformations promote the H atom release more effectively, implying mode-dependent enhancement of photodissociation in a relatively large molecule with a torsional degree of freedom. The H Doppler profiles correspond to low translational energies, supporting the dominant non-adiabatic N–H dissociation channel.

publication date

  • January 1, 2007