Broadband performance of an active headrest Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper presents a study of the attenuation of broadband random acoustic disturbances, when using a feedback active headrest system, as originially suggested by Olson and May. Previous studies showed that a practical active headrest can be designed for tonal disturbances using feedforward controllers. However, many applications, such as jet aircraft and cars, require feedback systems to control random disturbances over a wide frequency bandwidth. In this work, robust feedback controllers are designed to control broadband random disturbances in the low-frequency range based on measured data from a laboratory headrest system. The results show that a practically useful performance can be achieved, but only if the controller is designed to minimize the pressure at a “virtual microphone” close to the listener's ears, and that the performance is maintained reasonably well with …

publication date

  • January 1, 1999