Deep IRAC Imaging Lensing Galaxy Clusters for JWST'First Light'Search Academic Article uri icon


  • JWST has a key goal to search for First Light objects beyond z> 10. Our 110-hr JWST GTO program,'Webb Medium-Deep Fields'(WMDF), will target both blank and lensed fields to probe both the bright and the faint ends of the galaxy luminosity function at z> 10. While a number of well studied lensing clusters exist, not all of them are optimal for the JWST search of First Light objects, either because of their low Ecliptic latitudes (and hence high Zodiacal background) or because of their strong intra-cluster light (ICL) at the critical curve regions corresponding to the redshifts of interest. For this reason, our WMDF candidate lensing targets will include some recently discovered, high-mass (log [M/Msun]~ 15) galaxy clusters, which we choose either because of their high Ecliptic latitude (beta> 40 deg) or because of their extreme compactness that minimizes the impact of the ICL. As part of our effort to …

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  • August 1, 2016