The Development of the Driving Skill Assessment Tool (DSAT) Academic Article uri icon


  • The primary objective of the current work was to develop an extensive driving skill assessment questionnaire for identifying drivers' level of skill, the Driving Skill Assessment Tool (DSAT). To generate the DSAT, a scientific and medical literature review was conducted along with experts' interviews. DSAT items were either self-developed or adopted from other questionnaires. The items list has the following characteristics: (1) a five scale Lickert in the format given in the DSI was adopted; (2) DSAT items were written in the first-person singular and were worded in the form of statement to which subjects could express their level of agreement; (3) redundancy policy was used; (4) Items were not organized in any particular order and were added in several instances. The comprehensive DSAT items list included 483 items. Factor analysis was performed twice, after which, we matched each statement with loading above 0.5 to its factor. The second analysis found 20 factors which explained 72.31% of the total variance. Finally, we identified four relevant factors for skill assessment; dealing with traffic situations and controlling the vehicle; driving in difficult conditions; merging in traffic; and adapting to road conditions and one factor related to safety motive. This DSAT's version includes 92 items. Language: en

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  • January 1, 2008