Induction of B lymphocyte colony growthin vitro by thymus-derived stimulating factor Academic Article uri icon


  • Murine lymphoid cells which were stimulated in liquid culture containing thymus culture fluid (Thy-CF) and seeded in a soft agar culture system, proliferated and developed into B cell colonies. Two types of colonies were formed: large colonies within the upper layer and small flat colonies on the surface of the upper layer. Thy-CF prepared from cells of normal hydrocortisone-treated mice had a higher cloning potential than Thy-CF prepared from untreated mice. At concentrations of Thy-CF in culture medium greater than 35%, Thy-CF prepared from normal mice had an inhibitory effect on colony formation. Cells of nude mice were also able to form B cell colonies if thymocytes of normal mice were mixed with lymphoid cells in the culture medium. Thymocytes elaborate a B lymphocyte colony-stimulating factor which, with the help of T cells, triggers a B cell population into colony formation and immunoglobulin production.

publication date

  • October 1, 1978