All-organic dielectric-percolative three-component composite materials with high electromechanical response Academic Article uri icon


  • By combining the high-dielectric copper phthalocyanine oligomer (PolyCuPc) and conductive polyanline (PANI) within polyurethane (PU) matrix an all-organic three-component dielectric-percolative composite with high dielectric constant is demonstrated. In this three-component composite system, the high-dielectric-constant PolyCuPc particulates enhance the dielectric constant of the PU matrix and this combined two-component dielectric matrix in turn serves as the high-dielectric-constant host for the PANI to realize percolative phenomenon and further enhance the dielectric response. As a result, an electromechanical strain of 9.3% and elastic energy density of 0.4 J/cm 3 J/cm under an electric field of 20 V/μm can be induced.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004