Minimal state space realization, static output feedback and matrix completion of families of systems Academic Article uri icon


  • We here characterize the minimality of realization of arbitrary linear time-invariant dynamical systems through (i) intersection of the spectra of the realization matrix and of the corresponding state submatrix and (ii) moving the poles by applying static output feedback. In passing, we introduce, for a given square matrix A, a parameterization of all matrices B for which the pairs (A, B) are controllable. In particular, the minimal rank of such B turns to be equal to the smallest geometric multiplicity among the eigenvalues of A. Finally, we show that the use of a (not necessarily square) realization matrix L to examine minimality of realization, is equivalent to the study of a smaller dimensions, square realization matrix L_sq, which in turn is linked to realization matrices obtained as polynomials in L_sq. Namely a whole family of systems. Subjects: Complex Variables (math. CV) MSC classes: 15A83 …

publication date

  • May 8, 2013