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  • Evaporative cooling is employed all over the world to improve thermal comfort in buildings. The most common application of evaporative cooling is found in desert coolers (sometimes referred to as swamp coolers), in chillers installed as part of medium-or large-scale cooling plants for offices and warehouses, and in cooling towers used in industrial facilities. So- called direct evaporative cooling works by introducing into the conditioned space air that has been exposed to liquid water. The process of evaporation results in the conversion of sensible heat to latent heat at a constant wet bulb temperature; as a result, the air supplied is not only cooler, but is also more humid. An example of a direct evaporative cooler is the desert cooler, which draws fresh outdoor air through wet pads and supplies the cooled moist air directly to the building interior. Its design has changed very little since it was …

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  • January 1, 2007