Comparison between various patch wise strategies for reconstruction of ultra-spectral cubes captured with a compressive sensing system Conference Paper uri icon


  • Recently we introduced a Compressive Sensing Miniature Ultra-Spectral Imaging (CS- MUSI) system. The system is based on a single Liquid Crystal (LC) cell and a parallel sensor array where the liquid crystal cell performs spectral encoding. Within the framework of compressive sensing, the CS-MUSI system is able to reconstruct ultra-spectral cubes captured with only an amount of~ 10% samples compared to a conventional system. Despite the compression, the technique is extremely complex computationally, because reconstruction of ultra-spectral images requires processing huge data cubes of Gigavoxel size. Fortunately, the computational effort can be alleviated by using separable operation. An additional way to reduce the reconstruction effort is to perform the reconstructions on patches. In this work, we consider processing on various patch shapes. We present an …

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  • January 1, 2016