Digital chemo-optic system for optimizing predictions of best harvesting date of olives by oil content. Academic Article uri icon


  • Olive oil production is becoming a viable growing industry. The health related attributes of olive oil is creating an increased demand all over the world. More efficient production of oil can generate significant extra income for producers, with over 10 billion Euro annual revenue. One way to improve efficiency is by increasing the amount of oil extracted from the olive fruits per land unit. Such improvement can be achieved by optimizing the harvesting time of the trees in the orchard. A machine vision based model was developed to predict the oil content of Picual and Souri olives. Eight samples of olives were picked every week during ripening season. Two sides of each olive were sampled by a color digital camera and its oil content was evaluated by LR-NMR. Matlab procedures were used to extract size, shape, color and texture features from olives' images. Several linear regressions models to …

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  • January 1, 2008