The investigation of breakage probability of irregularly shaped particles by impact tests Academic Article uri icon


  • The modelling of experimental distributions of breakage energy by compression and impact was carried out. In terms of our model, the part of the particle that is directly contacted with the stressing tool is admitted into the equation as a hemispherical asperity with known breakage energy distribution. The main contribution of stressing energy is accumulated by this hemispherical asperity that is responsible for crack generation and particle breakage. The breakage probability distribution of particles is calculated as a superposition of the breakage probabilities of asperities. Based on geometrical similarity, one can assume the same normalized log-normal size distribution of asperities for all tested particles of a given material. As a result, all experimental distributions of normalized breakage energy can be fitted with the same log-normal function for all particle sizes.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011