An investigation of the Al-Rh-Ru phase diagram above 50 at.% Al Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract Partial 1100, 1000, 900 and 700° C isothermal sections of the Al–Rh–Ru phase diagram were determined. The isostructural binary AlRu and AlRh phases probably form a continuous β-range of the CsCl-type solid solutions. The Al 9 Rh 2 and C-Al 5 Rh 2 dissolve up to 4.5 and 13 at.% Ru, while Al 13 Ru 4 and Al 2 Ru dissolve up to 14.5 and 8 at.% Rh, respectively. A ternary orthorhombic structure (Pbma, a= 2.34, b= 1.62 and c= 2.00 nm) related to the Al–Rh ɛ-phases was revealed at the extension of the Al–Rh ɛ-phase area at compositions up to Al 77 Rh 15 Ru 8.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011