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Elkabets, Moshe


My solid background in tumor biology and immunology together with intensive training in cell biology, drug discovery, and nanomedicine provide me with a broad range of abilities to study therapeutic precision medicine in oncology.

I was trained in multiple laboratories; Prof. Ronnie Apte (Ph.D), Dr. Sandra McAllister (postdoc) and  Dr. Jose Baselga (postdoc) and accomplished basic and translational research training for cancer biology and therapy. My current laboratory at BGU contains several research avenues in cancer therapy:

  1. Identify new anti-cancer targets using pharmacological      and genetics screens.
  2. Investigate new therapeutic approaches      using targeted and immunotherapy.
  3. Study basic mechanisms of drug response      and resistance.
  4. Develop organ-specific head and neck cancer      models in mice using genetic engineering models.
  5. Develop new technologies to determine      drug response.


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