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Meshi, Louisa


In the era of nanoscience, High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) and electron crystallography can be considered as a powerful and sometimes the only possible tool for the structural study of materials. Because of extremely small size of nano-crystallites, X-ray diffraction technique cannot be used for solving their atomic structure. Therefore, since 1990 - more and more scientists have become interested in structure determination by electron crystallography, and a lot of structures have been solved by the combination of HRTEM and electron diffraction methods. Laboratory of electron crystallography (headed by Prof. Louisa Meshi) in the department of materials engineering, Ben Gurion University of the Negev is fully equipped for study of structures of materials at atomic scale. We specialize on electron diffraction as a tool for structure solution. Our capabilities include many techniques, among which are electron diffraction tomography, precession electron diffraction, convergent beam electron diffraction, various methods of spectroscopy in the TEM (for study of composition of the mateirals) and imaging (including HRTEM). As a result we are able to solve structures of unknown materials and characterize structural defects (such as dislocations, inversions domains, twins, antiphase boundaries and others) which influence physical properties of materials. Moreover, since we have an in-situ heating holder we are able to perform these studies at various temperatures and study structure dynamics.

Although we specialize on complex intermetallides and steels, methods used and developed in our laboratory can be employed at wide range of crystalline materials (both organic and inorganic).

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