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Rokach, Lior Shimon


Lior Rokach is a data scientist and a Professor of Information Systems. He is currently serving as the chair of the Dep. of Software and Information System Engineering at the BGU. Lior is known for his contributions to the field of data science, machine learning, and big data and their applications in the domains of Recommender Systems, Cyber Security, and Medical Informatics. His current research interests include: Deep learning, ensemble learning, decision trees, Data Mining for Science, AutoML


Prof. Rokach is the author of over 300 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals and conference proceedings, patents, and book chapters. Rokach has authored several popular books in data science, including Data Mining with Decision Trees (1st edition, World Scientific Publishing, 2007, 2nd edition, World Scientific Publishing, 2015). He is also the editor of "The Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook" (1st edition, Springer, 2005; 2nd edition, 2010) and "Recommender Systems Handbook" (1st edition, Springer, 2011; 2nd edition, 2015). His works are highly cited and his books are standard classroom reading on the topic for graduate courses.


Prof. Rokach is currently serving as an associate editor for ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology and an area editor for Information Fusion (published by Elsevier). He regularly serves on related conference program committees (such as ACM RecSys, ACM KDD, and ACM CIKM).


Prof. Rokach established the Machine Learning Research Laboratory at BGU. Among the institutions that have funded Prof. Rokach’s research are: Deutsche Telekom Co., DARPA, Intel, IBM, EMC, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, the Israeli Ministry of Science, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (Center for Development of Means and Infrastructure), Israeli Ministry of Trade and Commerce.


Prof. Rokach has made core contributions to the field of machine learning by developing novel ensemble learning algorithms. He has been involved in the creation and development of various novel recommender systems which are deployed in real large scale e-commerce websites serving millions of users. He is the awardee of the 2012 Toronto Prize for young researchers.


Lior is an active entrepreneur with several patents and technology licenses. Prior to Ben-Gurion University, Prof. Rokach was involved for more than 15 years in information technology development and design. He was the co-founder, CTO, VP R&D, and Chief Architect of several technology startups and mature public companies. In 2000, Lior co-founded Kamoon that developed Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM) software enabling organizations to maximize employees' know-how and expertise by matching requestors to the right expert, facilitating and capturing the interaction process, and measuring the process for continuous improvement. Kamoon Inc. has attracted a total funding of 25 million USD from various ventures capitals. Among Kamoon’s clients were FedEx, Sony, AT&T, Unisys, SAP, and others. Prof. Rokach served in the Israeli Defense Force's prestigious central intelligence unit (8200). He is married to Ronit Flint. They live in Omer with their four boys.

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