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Grinstein-Cohen, Orli


I'm  a Registered Nurse, Head of the Nursing Department in BGU.

Forensic nursing
: Implementation of this new field in nursing in the class room and research: new course for MN: "Introduction to forensic nursing": In Israel, where trauma and terror attacks are numerous, there is a need to professionally assess, intervene, and refer trauma patients, and to collaborate with law enforcement personnel. Currently, the forensic aspects of all injured individuals are conducted by the local police. Nevertheless, in the last few years, the medical issues related to terror attacks comprise a new branch in medicine called terror medicine.

In the nursing profession, a similar development has not yet occurred. The crucial role of the forensic nurse can fill this gap and train nurses to identify forensic patients and give bio-psychosocial care to the patient and the family.

A bio-psychosocial approach has been recommended by several studies as a way to assist patients, to acknowledge their needs, and prepare them to cope with their condition more effectively. Although the implementation of bio-psychosocial concepts in nursing and medicine has been emphasized, the practice of bio-psychosocial intervention among trauma and terror patients in hospitals has not yet been fully embedded.

The course will proactive forensic nurse that will provide an integrative treatment during the acute stages and further enhance the management of the medical-psycho-social recovery of patients.

Addiction: As one of the heads of Toby Mower Curriculum for the Prevention and Treatment of Addiction, I have been conducting research to explore the needs of the adult IDF orphan population, specifically their use or abuse of substances. The study used quantitative and qualitative data. It is hoped that the State of Israel and those who are healthcare professionals will be attentive to this population as patients, to assess their needs and try to improve their quality of life.

Attitudes of students toward drinking, drugs and driving is another research topic which was at first carried out with the cooperation of Dr. Adi Ronen from the department of Industrial and Management Engineering, and since his death I have continued this research on my own.

Refeeding after orthopedic surgery: Following surgical intervention, fasting has always been required until the restoration of bowel activity. Historically, fasting has been considered a traditional procedure of the work of the medical and nursing team. This procedure is not based on recommendations, and the medical literature does not report many studies on this subject. We intend, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Schwartz, an orthopedic surgeon, to examine the safety of refeeding after surgery in orthopedic surgery.

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